Dr Haag

Bryan Haag, DVM

Dr. Haag’s dedication to veterinary medicine goes beyond the clinic walls; he’s a visionary committed to advancing the field and supporting his colleagues at every turn. Utilizing his expertise and problem-solving skills, Dr. Haag has become an essential figure at Best Friends Animal Hospital.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Dr. Haag leads an active life, whether he’s tackling mountain trails, skiing down slopes, or finding solace at the piano. His commitment to deadlifting for over 25 years reflects his discipline and dedication.

Amidst his pursuits, Dr. Haag finds true joy in connecting with the veterinary community, nurturing practice teams, and engaging in collaborative discussions. At home, alongside his wife Sara, also a veterinarian, and their three daughters, Dr. Haag cherishes moments with their pets, Pedro the Newfoundland and Mary the Cavalier.

Dr. Haag’s unwavering dedication to excellence, both in his personal and professional life, continues to leave a lasting impact on animals, caregivers, and the veterinary community as a whole.